Why Set Up The Basic Integration for HubSpot Contact Objects?

The Basic Integration for HubSpot Contact Objects is our original HubSpot Integration. This version is available for any Postalytics plan, including Free plans. With this integration you’re able to connect your HubSpot account with Postalytics to accomplish a variety of direct mail automation tasks, such as:

  • Import Lists from HubSpot Contacts for Postalytics Smart Send Campaigns

  • Send triggered direct mail from HubSpot using Workflows or Sequences and Triggered Drip Campaigns

  • Sync direct mail delivery and response event status codes for each campaign back into HubSpot for use in additional internal workflow automations

To learn more about the Premium Integration version, see Premium and Basic HubSpot Integration Overview.

Postalytics Connect

The Postalytics Connect page is where all of our automation integrations begin. Here you can easily view and manage your integrations with HubSpot and other automation tools. You can also access the Postalytics tracking code, a snippet of Javascript that you put in your landing pages for Postalytics to track and personalize the online response to your mailing.

Note –  you can set up multiple integrations for multiple HubSpot accounts all within one Postalytics account.

Setting Up the Basic Integration for HubSpot Contact Objects

To get started, click “Connect” under your username

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Then click “Connect App Marketplace” from the Integrations page

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Add A New HubSpot Integration

Postalytics utilizes HubSpot’s new authentication method for integration to maximize your data security. OAuth 2.0 allows a user to authorize Postalytics to work specifically with tools in your HubSpot account, designated by the authorization scopes you set.

Click “details” under the HubSpot icon.

For the Basic Integration, select “Add HubSpot Basic Contact Integration” on the right side.

A popup window will appear where you may first need to login to your HubSpot account. Once logged in you’ll select your account to connect. 

Name the integration with an easily recognized name and click on “Save Integration”.

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That’s it! Your connection is complete and you’re ready to start building campaigns.

*IMPORTANT* The remaining help articles for the Basic Integration assume that you’ve already configured your authentication / integration between Postalytics and HubSpot. Please complete this first before proceeding with building out your integrated campaigns.