There are some important things to understand prior to importing your file into Postalytics.

US and Canadian Addresses

Postalytics allows you to upload a single list with both US and Canadian addresses and we’ll split it out for you, creating two separate lists, to be used in Smart Send Campaigns. You’ll want to be sure to include a field labeled Country, along with the other required fields explained below.

Postalytics Required Fields and CASS Address Validation

When you import an Excel or .CSV list into Postalytics, we’ll check each record to make sure that it has the minimum required fields for proper mailing and it will go through the Coding Accuracy Support System, known as CASS, to validate and standardize the address. If a contact does not have the required fields, or if the address doesn’t pass the CASS address validation, we’ll import it anyway, but it will be labeled “Invalid” and cannot be mailed to until it is fixed.

Required Name Fields

  • First Name (20 characters, alpha numeric) and Last Name (20 characters, alpha numeric) AND/OR
  • Company (40 characters, alpha numeric)

You may have either First Name and Last Name or Company Name or both. They will be printed on two separate lines above the rest of the address and will look something like this:

Excel CSV file import required fields

Required Address Fields – US and Canada 

  • Address (64 characters, alpha numeric)
  • City (200 characters, alpha numeric)
  • State/Providence (for US addresses either the 2 letter state short-name code “MA” or valid full state name “Massachusetts”)
  • Zip code/Postal Code (for US addresses either the 5 digit numeric “02370” or 5 dash 4 digit numeric “02370-1234”), (for Canadian addresses the 6 digit alpha numeric “K0K 4T5”)

You may also include an Address 2 field on records that require it (64 characters, alpha numeric). Use this field for things such as apartment number, suite number, etc.

Personalization And Other Common Fields

You can also map in common contact info such as email address, phone number, occupation/job title as well as up to 35 user defined fields (we call them Variable Data fields). These fields are not used in the address part of the mailer but can easily be inserted into the creative.

At the current time, Postalytics can mail to U.S. and Canadian addresses. Additional countries will be added over time.

File Format

The file you upload needs to be a .CSV (comma delimited) file or a Microsoft® Excel file. When formatting your file, the following is VERY IMPORTANT: