Connect is the Postalytics Connection Hub! 

The Postalytics Connect page is where you’ll be able to manage your Integrations, search for and set up an Integration with your app in Marketplace, access the Postalytics Tracking Code, validate URLs, and access API Information.

The Connect page can be accessed from the main menu drop down under your username.

My Integrations

Here you can view and manage your Integrations with our current 3rd party integration offerings:


Postalytics Connect App Marketplace is where you’ll begin with the setup of an Integration. Select ‘Add Integration’ or 'details' under your CRM and follow the prompts to get started.

Don’t see your CRM? Reach out to us as we’re planning to add more 3rd party software in the future.

Note –  you can set up multiple integrations for multiple HubSpot, Salesforce or Zoho accounts.

Selecting ‘Add Integration’ for ActiveCampaign and Keap will show as Integrations with one click here, but they both require a bit more setup once you’ve created a Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaign. 

GoHighLevel, Klaviyo and Zoho Integrations are unique and will require that you walk through the steps in the help doc to get connected. You’ll find the help docs to walk you through each of the connection processes here:

For the HubSpot Integration, Postalytics utilizes HubSpot’s authentication method for integration to maximize your data security. OAuth 2.0 allows a user to authorize Postalytics to work specifically with tools in the HubSpot account, designated by the authorization scopes set.

To integrate with HubSpot click ‘Add Integration’

Next, choose your HubSpot Account.

Finally, name the HubSpot Integration, giving it a user friendly name, and click ‘Save Integration’.

Your HubSpot Integration is now complete!

The Salesforce Integration works the same way. See our Salesforce Authentication, User Configuration and Permissions article to learn more.

Tracking Code

The Postalytics Tracking Code is needed for pURL and QR Code tracking. It can be accessed easily from this page. Simply Copy and Paste the code to the HTML of your landing page(s).

Once installed, you can test and validate the URL here as well. Type in your URL and if the code is configured properly, you’ll receive a green Success! message. If not, you’ll receive a red Error! message.

To learn more about the Postalytics Tracking Code, see our Tracking Code Overview article.


Your unique API Key and/or Authorization Header is needed for some 3rd party Integrations as well as utilizing the Postalytics Direct Mail API option to send mail. Along with locating it at the bottom of your Account Profile page, this is where you’ll be able to find it.