Users and access rights are an important part of enterprise class software applications. For some organizations, it is important to be able to control which users have access to different parts of Postalytics*. 

We’ve created a strong system as a part of the “Pro” account to help you manage users and access rights, as well as track which users make changes to various parts of the tool.

Postalytics enables the account owner (the user name that set up the account) to create an unlimited number of users within your account. Each has their own unique login, and can be assigned Read Only, Designer or Administrator privileges.

*NOTE – This Feature Is Available To Postalytics Pro Accounts. If Your Account Doesn’t Support This Feature, Choose “Change Plan” To Upgrade.

How To Set Up Users And Access Rights - Pro Account

Postalytics Users And Access Rights

The account owner in Postalytics has full privileges, including the ability to add/delete users, manage billing information & more. When you create an account in Postalytics, the user name that the account was created under is considered the account owner. There can only be 1 (one) account owner.

The other user types are:

Administrator (role 1) – Can do everything  the account owner can do with the exception of:

  • No user management
  • No changing plans
  • No drip credit management
  • No viewing/downloading of monthly invoices or PAYG orders
  • No payment method management


Designer (role 2) – Can do everything an administration can do with the exception of:

  • No list creation, appending or deleting
  • No field mapping management
  • No campaign creation, editing, or deleting
  • No goal management
  • No campaign settings changing
  • No toggling of mail status or online tracking status


Read Only (role 3) – Can do everything a designer can do with the exception of:

  • No template creation, editing or deleting

Adding New Users In Your Postalytics Account

When you are signed up as a Postalytics Pro user, it’s easy to add new users:

First, click the ‘Users’ link under the account menu in the upper right of your screen

Next click ‘Add New User’

You will now be presented with the new user screen. Add in the user and role info here. The guide below the role dropdown will assist in choosing the right role for this user. The system will ensure the email is not already in use. Once all is set, click ‘Save User’.

How To Set Up Users And Access Rights - New User

On the main users listing page, you can click ‘Edit’ to change the properties of this user or to adjust the role.

Once you have users setup, you will not be allowed to downgrade this account until you remove those users.

Tracking User Activity

User activity is tracked on lists, campaigns and templates. When a new element is created or an existing element is modified, we record what user made the change. This info is then displayed for Postalytics Pro accounts that have multiple users. Below are the three places you will see the ‘last updated user’ info:


Pro Account users will automatically see the user name that most recently modified any campaign


When your account is at the “Pro” level, you’ll see the user that most recently added or modified each list. The activities being tracked include: Create List, Append List, Edit Contact, Add New Contact and Delete Contact.


Pro subscribers also will see which user has most recently created or modified each template stored in the template library.