What is the Postalytics Academy?

The Postalytics Academy is a set of self-paced, self-service courses, designed to assist in building fundamental direct mail marketing skills, and then translate those skills into the use of Postalytics.

Current courses available:

  • Direct Mail 101 - learn the fundamentals of direct mail marketing

  • Technology & Automation in Direct Mail - learn how to use CRM and automation tools, cloud-based software, design editing tools, personalization, small-batch direct mail & more

  • Using Postalytics - everything about the Postalytics platform, including connecting to your data sources, tracking delivery & response, creative templates, dashboards & analytics & more

Who's Eligible and What Does It Cost?

Anyone with a Postalytics account can sign up for the Postalytics Academy courses. The courses are currently available to all Postalytics account holders, for all plans, free of charge. This may change in the future.

How Do I Access the Postalytics Academy?

The Postalytics Academy can only be accessed through your Postalytics account. If you don’t have a Postalytics account, see “Sign up for a Postalytics Account”, below.

From Your Postalytics Account

If you already have a Postalytics account, login to your account

You'll access the Postalytics Academy from the the Help options in the upper right corner of the Postalytics app. Just click the "?" icon, then select "Postalytics Academy".

Postalytics Help Menu

On the next screen, select “Check our courses'', and you’ll be taken to the Postalytics Academy portal. 

Sign Up for a Postalytics Account 

If you do not have a Postalytics account yet, simply sign up for a free account.

You'll receive an activation email and once your new Postalytics account has been activated, login and access the Postalytics Academy portal by clicking on the "?" icon, in the upper right corner. Then, select "Postalytics Academy'' and follow the same steps outlined above to enter the portal and begin the courses.