Here at Postalytics, we understand the importance of tracking and providing analytics for your Direct Mail Campaigns. We’ve made it easy to create pURLS and QR Codes within our system, and we can also appreciate that you may want to utilize query string parameters to add to your starting URL.

Why use UTM Parameters?

This additional string of code, which is placed at the end of your starting URL, is used for deeper levels of tracking. It can define source, medium, campaign, term, or content. Utilizing these parameters will allow you to better understand how a visitor to your site was directed there, along with tracking the success of your campaign.

From Generating UTMs to Campaign Creation

The first step is to generate your UTMs. Using a tool, such as Google’s Campaign URL Builder, makes this process painless. You simply enter a few pieces of information and the software does the rest.

Now that you’ve got your UTMs, add a field within your data file, or within each contact in your CRM, for the UTM query string and populate for each record.

Download a sample data file: Postalytics-Sample-Data_VarField20 

We’ve set up VarField20 as the specific field within Postalytics for UTM query string parameters. 

When mapping your data fields, this will be the field that is selected for the UTM query strings. 

This is a very important step. If the field is not mapped, it cannot be selected during the Creative Proofing Process or within the Campaign Wizard and will not be transferred to the Campaign.

Once your file has been uploaded, you can use it to proof your creative template(s), and when creating your campaign. 

Be sure your creative has a pURL, QR Code, or both in the design. You’ll need to proof your template before it can be used in a campaign.

When setting up a campaign to use your pURL, follow these steps:

On the tracking page in the Campaign Wizard, use the free Postalytics domain,, or a vanity domain that you’ve previously acquired, for the pURL or QR code.

At the starting URL page, enter %VarField20%



When you reach the final confirmation page click the Validation Tracking Code Override in the bottom right.

When the Campaign is finalized and processed, this will get replaced and will be redirected from the Postalytics generated pURL to yours.

We recommend doing a small sample test first.