Postalytics has deep HubSpot integration capabilities, and since our first integration, both HubSpot and Postalytics have seen significant updates to the platform and API. Postalytics has harnessed these updates to improve the integration and we are pleased to offer our customers new generation Premium Integrations, while still offering and fully supporting the previous generation Basic Integration.

What Can Be Done With a HubSpot/Postalytics Integration?

There are several integration possibilities with HubSpot that can help to create automated workflows and data sharing with Postalytics. 

With a HubSpot/Postalytics integration you can:

  • Import Lists from HubSpot Contacts for Postalytics Smart Send Campaigns

  • Send triggered direct mail from HubSpot using Workflows and Triggered Drip Campaigns

  • Sync direct mail delivery and response event status codes for each campaign back into HubSpot for additional workflows and automations

What Integration Versions are Available?

HubSpot Premium Integrations

Our most recent additions are the HubSpot Premium Integrations, only available with a Postalytics subscription plan - marketer, Pro, Agency, or Annual Commitment.

HubSpot Premium supports:

  • Contact Objects

  • Company Objects

  • Other HubSpot Objects, including Custom Objects*

There are two separate integrations with Premium. Premium Integration for HubSpot Contact Objects and Premium Integration for HubSpot Company or Other Objects.*

Each has a slightly different set up, due to HubSpot’s current API parameters.

If you want the option to use both, you’ll need to set up both integrations. A single Postalytics account supports multiple HubSpot integrations so there is no issue in having both, or even multiples of both. 

*Custom Objects, Deals, Tickets, or any other Object that can be used in a HubSpot Workflow, will use a HubSpot Premium Object Integration. If using a Deal, Ticket or Custom object, the required address fields to mail must be included in the object. Not all HubSpot editions allow for custom fields within an object, so it's important to review your specific edition capabilities before proceeding with Deals, Tickets or Custom objects.

With a Premium Integration, you choose if you want to receive event status codes back into HubSpot, and you can even select which events to post back. These Events are posted to the HubSpot Timeline with Activity Events and Postal Mail Engagements, providing a powerful way to manage and report mail activity within HubSpot.

Learn more about Premium Integration for HubSpot Contact Objects and Premium Integration for HubSpot Company or Other Objects.

HubSpot Basic Integration

Our original HubSpot Integration, now known as the Basic Integration for HubSpot Contact Objects, is still supported with no changes and is available at any plan level, including a Free plan. With a Basic Integration only the Contact Object is supported and you’re able to upload lists for Smart Send Campaigns, send triggered mail via Contact object workflows, and receive event status codes. Postalytics will automatically create a custom HubSpot property where all event status codes will be posted back to. 

Version Overview

The high level feature overview below is designed to help you quickly note the differences and make the best integration choice for your direct mail marketing automation needs.

HubSpot Premium

HubSpot Basic

Import HubSpot Contact Lists



HubSpot Contact Workflows



HubSpot Timeline Integration


Flexible Postalytics Event Integration


HubSpot Activity Event Integration


HubSpot Postal Mail Engagement Integration


HubSpot Company Workflows


HubSpot Custom Object Workflows


HubSpot Custom Property Created For Each Campaign


What HubSpot Versions are Required for Integration?

  • The direct integration of Postalytics and HubSpot Contacts requires access to HubSpot Lists and/or Workflows.

  • Lightning fast List Import integration works with HubSpot Contact Lists – HubSpot CRM (all plans, including Free).

  • Automated Triggered Drip Campaigns works with HubSpot Marketing Automation (Contacts, Companies, Other) – Marketing Hub Professional (or higher) required.

What If I Don’t Have The Required HubSpot Version?

You can still use Postalytics! You can easily export your contacts from HubSpot to .CSV files. Then, import your list into Postalytics. You can also use our Zapier Integration to trigger mailings from other HubSpot products.