Zapier Direct Mail Integration - Postalytics

Many marketers have approached us and asked if we could develop a Zapier direct mail integration using Postalytics unique creation, printing and tracking capabilities. Well, you asked and we’ve delivered! Learn more on how you can set up “Zaps” in an instant to create custom integrations between Postalytics and over 1,000 different web application.

Integrate With Over 3,000 Apps

Zapier is a spectacularly easy to use online integration platform, with over 3,000 different applications that participate to enable non technical users to perform everything from simple tasks (add a new row to a Google Sheet when someone responds to your direct mail) to multiple step, complex workflows (When a CRM status changes, Trigger a Postalytics postcard to be sent, wait 5 days, then send a follow up email, etc). The platform has taken what in the past has been the domain of technical folks (API integrations) and simplified it to the point where a reasonably savvy business user can set up “Zaps” in a few minutes.

What’s a Zap?

A Zap is a Zapier term for an automation that has tied together 2 or more web applications. Zaps can be constructed in many different ways to accomplish an amazing number of tasks. For the purposes of the Postalytics Zapier integration, we’ll be focused on a “Trigger” and “Action” coming together to form a Zap.

Zapier Direct Mail Integration With Postalytics

Postalytics has created 2 entries in the Zapier platform:

  • An “Action” that sends a postcard or letter when “Triggered” by another Zapier app
  • A “Trigger” that uses Postalytics delivery and response “events” or statuses to create an “Action” in another Zapier app

**Note – you’ll need to setup a Triggered Drip Campaign in Postalytics prior to setting up your Zapier mapping**

The Postalytics “Send and track a Postcard or Letter” Action

This Zapier Action uses a Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaign to send out an individual piece of mail (postcard or letter) when “Triggered” by another application. Dozens of CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing and e-Commerce tools in Zapier can easily trigger Postalytics to send personalized and tracked direct mail. See the “Set up Send Direct Mail Zapier Action” help doc for more information.

The Postalytics “New Campaign Event” Trigger

The Postalytics New Campaign Event Trigger uses the direct mail tracking technology built into Postalytics to initiate an action in another application. These statuses or “events” are from the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode system “In Transit, In Local Area, etc.”, as well as from the Postalytics online response tracking “pURL visited, Goal Completed”. The New Campaign Event Trigger can record the statuses in Google Sheets, CRM’s or other tools, which can then trigger other actions. See the “Use Postalytics Status Codes Via Zapier” help doc for more information.

Zapier Direct Mail Integration Works With All Postalytics Plans

Either of these can be used any Postalytics plan (Free, Marketer or Pro) to tie together Postalytics with another app that you use. You’ll need a Zapier account (they have a free trial) and a Postalytics Campaign set up in order to proceed. The days of manually transferring information between applications is over!