With today’s privacy laws and opt-out requirements, maintaining high-quality data practices and achieving maximum response rates are essential. Incorporating a suppression file into your mailing procedures is crucial and Postalytics simplifies this process with our Suppression List File feature.This feature exclusively targets addresses for suppression, using USPS CASS Certification to standardize addresses in your suppression file and cross-reference them with your mailing list during the campaign creation/send process. This ensures that any records with matching addresses are excluded from the mailing.

Suppression List Files are uploaded in the same way a Contact Mailing List is uploaded, including required name and address fields along with mapping those fields into Postalytics. Once uploaded, it can be selected for use during the creation of a Smart Send, Triggered Drip or Automated File Campaign.

Upload and Map a Suppression List File

From the Lists menu, select “New List”.

Choose either .CSV or Excel, depending on your file type.

Name your Suppression List File and then drag and drop the file into the Upload box.

Click “Next” to continue.

In the upper left, select “Suppression List” from the dropdown menu under “List Data Type”. Review the fields from your file and click “Looks Good Start Mapping”.

Map all of the fields within your Suppression List File to the corresponding Postalytics fields for normalization, in the same way you map a Contact Mailing List. There is no need to map any variable fields in a Suppression List File.

Click “Confirm Field Mapping”.

Next, review the fields and click “Import Now”.

Your Suppression List File is now being reviewed and uploaded.

If there are records that cannot be verified or updated through the CASS verification process, you will see the number of Total Valid Contacts, as well as the number of Total Invalid Contacts on the List Health Report.

If the CASS verification process is able to verify or update all records, they will all be accounted for within the Valid Contacts section.

List Homepage

Returning to the Lists homepage, every list that has been uploaded will be listed in chronological order. Clicking on the ellipses on the far right provides a menu for you to edit, download, append, or delete the list. See our help document section on Lists to learn more about these options.

List View Options

To make it easier to search for a list within the List View page, you can either type the list name into the search field and then click “Search” or click the drop down menu and select either “Contact Lists” or “Suppression Lists”.

Managing Suppression Lists

Keeping your suppression lists current is key for various reasons, whether it's accommodating new opt-outs or updating the list with existing customers. We've simplified this process right within our app, enabling you to:

- Easily add or remove contacts manually

- Append the list with new entries

- Delete the list altogether

- Download the list for your records

It's important to note that once your suppression lists are uploaded and CASS Certified within Postalytics, specific fields, such as: Address, Address2, City, State, and Postal Code, become uneditable.

Use a Suppression List within a Campaign

No matter the campaign type, you can use a suppression file to ensure an address is not mailed to. Step by step instructions are provided within each of the appropriate help docs listed below:

Smart Send Campaign

Triggered Drip Campaign

Automated File Campaign