Marketo Database Smart Lists

If you haven’t already created your Marketo Database Smart List, it will need to be done prior to beginning the Postalytics List Import and Smart Send Campaign process. 

Create a Database Smart List of contacts, using the filters meeting your mailing criteria.

See the following Marketo help documents for more information on these steps:

Important notes about Marketo Smart Lists

  • Only Marketo Database Smart Lists can be uploaded into Postalytics
  • Campaign Smart Lists are not supported
  • Click on the following link to Learn more about Marketo Smart Lists
  • A Marketo Database Smart List is considered a “live” list
  • At the time a list is imported into Postalytics, it will be a “snapshot” of the list at that time

With your Database Smart List complete in Marketo, you are now ready to import it into Postalytics.

Import a Marketo Database Smart List into Postalytics

If you’re importing a list immediately after completing the Marketo Integration, select the “Import a List Now” button on the Integration Confirmation page.

If you are not starting from the Integration Confirmation page, but from another page in the app, select “New List” from the Lists drop down menu.

Both of these options will bring you to the Import New Contact List page. To import your Marketo list, click on the Marketo icon.

If you don't see the Marketo icon, you'll need to first set up the integration connection. See our help doc, How to Set Up the Postalytics / Marketo Integration.

Name your list and select the Marketo Integration from the Integration drop down menu.

Once you’ve selected the Marketo Integration, a new drop down will appear, where you will select the Database Smart List you’d like to import. 

Select the list and click “Next”.

You’ll now be viewing a sample of the Marketo Database Smart List that is available for importing.

Choose whether this is a Contact List or a Suppression List, review the sample data, and if all looks good, click “Looks Good! Start Mapping”.

Next, map each of the Marketo data fields to the corresponding Postalytics fields in each of the sections, using the drop down menus for each field.

The red sections indicate that the fields need to be mapped.

Once mapped the section will turn green.

If you’ll be using variable data for personalization within your template, be sure to map those fields in the User Defined Personalization Fields. All Marketo fields, standard or custom can be mapped and imported into Postalytics.

When finished, click “Confirm Field Mappings”.

On the next page, you’ll see the data that was mapped in the previous step. Verify that the data is correct, and if all looks good, click “Import Now”.

Your list will now be imported and will be ready to use in a Postal Smart Send Campaign.

View and Manage your Lists

To view your imported list, either click on “Go To My Lists” on the previous page, or from the Lists menu, click “View Lists”.

Managing your lists is easy from the Lists home page, where you can search, view, edit, download, or delete lists. For each list you’ll also quickly see:

  • Status
  • Name
  • Type
  • Country
  • Source
  • Total Contacts
  • Creation Date

To manage a particular list, click the menu button on the far right. From here, you’ll be able to:

  • Edit the Contact List
  • Download the Contact List
  • Delete the list

Use a List in a Postalytics Smart Send Campaign

Ready to create and send a campaign using a Database Smart List? See our help article Smart Send Campaign to be guided step-by-step through building and sending a Postalytics Smart Send Campaign.