Once you've uploaded and mapped a Contact List to be used in a campaign, you may decide that you’d like to map additional fields that you didn’t include in your initial file upload. For example, perhaps you’d like to add a field to a Web Form associated with the list. You can easily map new fields by editing your list’s mapping.

To Edit a List’s Field Mapping:

From the main navigation bar, click Lists:

You’ll navigate to your Lists Page.  We’re going to add fields to the B2B List:

If we edit the B2B List and look at the first contact record, we’ll see that there currently are no custom fields mapped:

To map new fields, click the Action button to the right of the list and then select Field Mappings:

All of the Standard Fields – such as name, address, city, state, postal code and email – previously mapped for this list will be marked with a check.  Any custom fields that have been previously mapped to our Variable Data Fields will be listed underneath Your Field Names:

To map any additional Standard Fields, place a check in the box next to the field.  To map any additional Custom Fields, enter the field names in the boxes provided under Your Field Names.  You have Variable Data 1 – 35  available to use for your custom data fields. In the example below, we have mapped Company, Occupation and Mobile.  We have also added a new custom field –  Loan Amount. Loan Amount has been mapped to Variable Data 1.  Remember to click Save when done editing your mapping:

Now, if we look at the first contact record, we’ll see that the new fields have been mapped and can be added to any List Web Form used with this contact list:

After you’ve mapped the new fields, they will be available to be written to personalized landing pages on your site.