For a Triggered Drip Campaign, you’ll need to have your CRM workflow set up with a ‘Trigger’ that will let Postalytics know to send the mailpiece.

You’ll need your creative design. Postalytics makes this easy with three different options for your creative design:

No matter what method you use, you’ll need to proof your template before it can be used in a campaign.

Next, create your Triggered Drip Campaign within your Postalytics account, using one of our Direct Integration options or Webhooks. If you’re using the Zapier Integration, you’ll also need to set up your Zap to communicate between your CRM and Postalytics, but creating your Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaign will be done first.

A Triggered Drip Campaign is automatically set to ‘Test Mode’ and you’ll want to be sure to test the campaign before it’s toggled to live mode.

You’ll be able to complete your testing without any cost, however, when you’re ready to go live with the Triggered Drip Campaign, Direct Mail Credits are required to run the Campaign. You can buy these through the Campaign Dashboard, or on the account Direct Mail Credits Page. We recommend these be set to auto-renew so there won’t be any issues with running out of credits.