How Do I Get Started in a Course?

From the Postalytics Academy Homepage, click on the thumbnail for the course that you’d like to begin or resume.

Welcome to the Course Homepage!

Navigating the Course

Under the course title is a short description of the course. 

To the right of the course title is the current progress percentage. 

To the left of the course title, under the thumbnail image, is where you’ll click to begin or resume the course.

Under the course summary is the Content section. This offers a list of the course sections and content within each section. A green check mark means that piece of content has been completed. A grayed out icon means it has not been completed.

You can also click on any of the listed content items to begin or resume the course.

Types of Content

The different types of content you'll experience are:

  • Slide presentation with audio recording - automatically begins

  • Audio recording - automatically begins

  • Text with audio recording - recording automatically begins

  • Text only - to be read through

  • Downloads - important guides and re-usable forms for you to download and keep

No matter the content type, you’ll need to click “Complete and continue” at the bottom to move forward. 

Test Your Knowledge

The final step in completing the course is to take the pass or fail multiple choice quiz.

Certificate of Completion

Upon final completion of the course you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion that can be downloaded and printed for your records.