On the Postalytics home screen, you’ll see your username in the top right corner of the screen. Clicking on it reveals a drop down menu with pages for your profile, branding, payouts, and monthly invoices. Click on your profile to get started.

Agency Edition Getting Started - Setup Agency Profile

The information that you enter on this profile page is the basic info for your agency. Keep in mind that some of this information, such as your Agency name and address, will be included in emails that the system will send to your clients. Other information will be used to send you emails for your subscription, orders and more. 

It’s important that you fill out all of the fields in this section.

The Username and Password control access to the Agency Account. Your username cannot be changed without reaching out to Postalytics, however, you can update your password at any time. Other important items include:

The Agency Profile Information is used across a variety of communications between Postalytics and your agency, as well as from your agency to your clients. This includes billing emails and PDF’s, as well as the footer information that the client views in the Client Login portal.

Agency Account Main Email and Billing Emails are fields that are used to both receive and act as “From” email addresses for various system notifications. Note, you can add multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma and no spaces between.