With our latest Premium Integration for HubSpot Company and Other Objects, you’ll be able to set up triggered direct mail from HubSpot Company and Other Object Workflows. This means you can send individual pieces of direct mail (letters, postcards or self mailers) without human intervention, 24×7. It just takes a bit of setup and direct mail is printed, mailed and tracked when the conditions in HubSpot trigger Postalytics.

Setup Your HubSpot Premium Integration for Contact Objects 

Before you can trigger direct mail from HubSpot workflows, you’ll need to configure your HubSpot Company or Other Object authentication in Postalytics. If you haven’t yet done this, check out our article, Premium Integration for HubSpot Company and Other Objects. Then come back to this article once you’re finished.

*Note: If using a Deal, Ticket or Custom object, the required address fields to mail must be included in the object. 

**Not all HubSpot editions allow for custom fields within an object, so it's important to review your specific edition capabilities before proceeding with Deals, Tickets or Custom objects.

Create A Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaign 

Company and other objects don’t allow for Postalytics to use the HubSpot Workflow Extensions tool to automatically enable your Triggered Drip Campaign to appear within HubSpot Workflows like it does for Contact objects. So to be able to use the Company object, or another object, you’ll need to set up a workflow to “Trigger a Webhook” and copy/paste the URL from your Triggered Drip Campaign. We’ll walk through this process below.

Create your Triggered Drip Campaign, using the Triggered Drip Campaign Wizard. Start from the top menu navigation, selecting: Campaigns > New Campaign > Triggered Drip > HubSpot Premium Objects.

The Wizard will then walk you through each step in creating the campaign. At the end of the campaign set up, click the red “View required Info” box. 

Leave the pop up window open. You’ll come back to this later in the process. 

Add the Send a Webhook Action in Your HubSpot Workflow 

Once your campaign has been completed, create your HubSpot Company-based or other object workflow and set an enrollment trigger and be sure to allow “Re-enrollment”.

Next, click the plus sign under the trigger to “Add an Action” and then select “Send a webhook”. 

This action indicates that you want to trigger a mailpiece via a webhook.

Required Address Fields

No matter the object that you’re using for the workflow, you’ll want to make sure the address data fields in that object are populated with at least the required fields for Postalytics to mail. Those fields are: 

  • First Name (20 characters, alpha numeric) and Last Name (20 characters, alpha numeric) AND/OR

  • Company (40 characters, alpha numeric)

You may have either First Name and Last Name or Company Name or both. They will be printed on two separate lines above the rest of the address.

  • Address 1 (64 characters, alpha numeric)

  • City (50 characters, alpha numeric)

  • State/Providence (for US addresses either the 2 letter state short-name code “MA” or valid full state name “Massachusetts”)

  • Zip code/Postal Code (for US addresses either the 5 digit numeric “02370” or 5 dash 4 digit numeric “02370-1234”), (for Canadian addresses the 6 digit alpha numeric “K0K 4T5”)

  • Country (full or abbreviated. We’ll need this to split the list if it includes both US and Canada addresses)

  • You may also include an Address 2 field on records that require it (64 characters, alphanumeric). If you’re mailing to businesses within the same building, we recommend using this field. It will ensure delivery and enable the contact records to pass our deduplication process.

Next, set up the webhook with the specs outlined below: 

  • Method = “Post”

  • Webhook URL = Copy/paste the Postalytics Request Method URL (from the Postalytics campaign window left open) into the HubSpot Webhook URL field

  • Authentication type = “API Key”

  • API Key* = Choose a Secret*. From the dropdown menu, select the Secret that was set up during the Integration process 

  • API key name* = this field will auto populate with the secret name from above, but will need to be manually changed to the word “Authorization”

  • API key location = Request Header

  • Request body = “Include all company (or deal, ticket, other) properties”

  • Click “Save”

Your Postalytics Campaign Is In “Test Mode” By Default 

By default, a Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaign is initially set to “Test Mode“. 

This feature enables you to test that your workflow is firing properly and that the connection to the Postalytics Campaign is working the way you want to – without actually sending mail and using your Direct Mail Credits!

To test the HubSpot workflow with Postalytics, we recommend selecting “Review and publish” to turn the workflow on then manually enroll a record or two. You can do this by clicking the “Enroll” button and then selecting “Manually enroll companies”.

Follow the prompts to make your selections, then click “Enroll”.

You can then go to Enrollment History and see that the records enrolled have completed the workflow.

Confirm in the Trigger Drip Campaign

Once you’ve tested a record or two, go back into your Campaign Dashboard and view the mailers created in the test. To do this, click the “Preview Created Mail” button in the upper right of the dashboard. 

A popup window will appear with PDF’s of each of the mailpieces generated for your test records. Remember that since you are in test mode, none of these pieces have actually been sent to the printer. However, once your campaign has been toggled to “Live Mode” and your triggers are coming through, clicking “Preview Created Mail” will show live mail that has actually been sent to the printer.

You can also confirm the number of test records that were sent over by taking a look at the number of Total Valid Contacts in the left center area of the dashboard.

When you’re happy with the results, you can flip your HubSpot Workflow live and your Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaign to Live Mode. If you need to purchase Direct Mail Credits you’ll do that now. 

To Turn Your Campaign “Live” You Need Credits 

Before your campaign can be toggled from test to live mode, you’ll need to have at least 100 Direct Mail credits in the mail format that you’ve chosen for your campaign (by format, we mean the creative format/postage combination, such as 4×6 First Class, 6×9 Standard, or Custom Envelopes). 

If you already have credits, your campaign will seamlessly become live when you click the toggle. But, if you don’t have at least 100 credits, you’ll need to purchase them. A pop up window will appear when you try to toggle from test to live mode from the Campaign Dashboard. Select “Purchase Credits Now” and proceed with the steps to purchase credits.

Purchase Credits Warning Pop Up Direct Mail

Once you’re set with credits and your Triggered Drip Campaign is live, it will “listen” for your HubSpot workflow to trigger it, sending out the postcard, letter or self mailer with no further interaction. You can just sit back and relax while the campaign keeps rolling along.