Now that you’ve reached the Postalytics Academy homepage, let’s take a quick tour of the homepage features and how to use them.

To begin a course, click on the course icon. There are no prerequisite requirements, so you can start and complete the courses in any order you wish.

Back on the homepage, at the top next to “Username | LEARNER” is a drop down menu where you can navigate to the following:

My info - although you can access your user information here, the Postalytics Academy uses single sign on, meaning your Postalytics account login credentials gice you access to the academy. Please make any updates to your user information within your Postalytics account and NOT here.

My courses - provides you with a list of the courses available to you along with enrollment and completion dates.

My certificates - here you can view a list of, and even download, the certificates you’ve received after completing courses. 

My progress - starts with an overview of your progress within the Postalytics Academy. You are also able to dive deeper into specific courses which we’ll review in more detail a little further down in this article.

My groups - the only accessible group is Postalytics.

My branches - you will not belong to any branch.

My files - this area will not be populated.

To logout of the Postalytics Academy, simply click on the logout icon in the far right.

On the right side of the home page are additional navigation options. 

First, is the Course Catalog. Here you’ll find a list of the courses that are available to you. Clicking on the blue course title is another way to access the course where you can begin or pick up where you left off.

Next is Progress. Here you’ll see an overview of your progress as well as additional tabs to drill down further. Each area allows for a downloadable report as well - just click the download icon in the lower right.


Here you’ll see a list of the courses available to you, your progress for each, and the enrollment and completion dates.


This area reports on which courses you’ve completed testing for and will show your result, either pass or fail.


Here you’ll be able to view and download all of the certificates issued to you upon course completion and passing the required test. Click the circle within the “OPTIONS” column to download a certificate.


As you move through the courses, you’ll receive points and subsequent badges. This area will show you which badges you’ve earned at any given point. At this time there are no awards given for badges or points.


In the timeline section you’ll view your logins, course completions, badges earned, and certificates awarded.

The final option in this area is Join Group. At this time there are no groups available to join.