Before importing contacts directly from HighLevel, you’ll first need to set up your HighLevel Integration. If your integration is set to have direct mail events synced back into Postal Connector - for multi-channel campaigns or other automated workflows - each of the members of your list will have direct mail events tracked as their own tag. See our article Using Postalytics Campaign Events In HighLevel for more information.

How To Import Contacts From HighLevel

Choose "New List" from the drop down menu under "Lists" in the top header menu.

Next, select the HighLevel icon on the Import New Contact List page.

Name the list, then select the Integration to use. If you have more than one Integration, they will all be available in the drop down menu. Be sure that you’ve followed the Setup HighLevel Integration process.

Contacts from HighLevel are imported as a whole via associated tags. Select the tag from the "Choose a tag..." drop down menu, then click "Next".

Select whether your list is a Contact List or a Suppression List and confirm that the proper fields will be imported. Click “Looks Good! Start Mapping”.

Map the fields to be imported with the standardized fields. Any section that is red will require a mapping selection. Click the drop down menu and select from the fields being imported. 

 Once all of the required sections are green, click “Confirm FieldMappings”. 

Next, verify that your mappings are correct with the live data, using the scroll bar. If you need to make changes to the mapping, use the “Back To Field Mapping” button, otherwise choose “Import Now”.

You’ll soon see an Importing Confirmation Page. Depending upon the size of the list, this step can take a few minutes.

Once the list has completed the import process, you’ll receive a confirmation email to the email address(es) setup in your Account Profile (Profile Information).

It’s important to note that your list will be put through several validation and correction processes to ensure that your mailing is not sent to invalid addresses or duplicate contacts. These will all be identified in your confirmation email, and a list of any duplicates will be attached.

Your contacts have now been uploaded from HighLevel to Postalytics and you can continue on to create your Smart Send Campaign!