There are two places that you can review Client Account Orders in Postalytics. At the Agency Account level, you can navigate to the “Payouts” link and to the “Transactions” link. Here you’ll see a chronological listing of each of the campaigns that have been processed in all of your Client Accounts. You can click on the PDF icon to see the details or the orders, or the Export button to download a .CSV file of your orders. 

manage orders - postalytics agency edition

The other option is to view the orders for a particular Client Account. Navigate to the Client Account you wish to view, click on the account name and then on “Billing Activity”. You can view/download/export the campaign orders from this screen.

*Note – when viewing the Orders in a Client Account from the main Agency login, you will see the monthly Agency subscription orders as well. When logging in as a client, through the Agency URL, with their username and password, you will not see the monthly Agency subscription invoices.