Postalytics Direct Mail Campaigns are a ground breaking new service that make sending direct mail as easy as email marketing. Our direct mail campaigns are all-in-one; they include all aspects of a campaign: design a direct mail postcard. letter, or self mailer campaign, list management, paper, printing, mailing, tracking of mail delivery and response analysis.  

In Postalytics you can build and deploy two types of direct mail campaigns. Both are powerful and unique to your marketing goals. 

Smart Send Campaign – Design and launch a direct mail campaign from a single place.  Track offline and online activity down to the individual.  Personalize online landing pages for a unique experience.

Triggered Drip Campaign –  Integrate direct mail drips into your CRM workflows.  Simple integration extends your CRM to leverage the power of offline mailings.  Direct mail can be created automatically based on an action or trigger.

The Postalytics Wizard walks you through the entire process step by step for creating a campaign. It will not let you move to the next step until the current one is completed.

Postalytics is currently available to deliver personalized, tracked direct mail campaigns with postcards and letters to U.S. and Canadian addresses.