The Postalytics Mail Address Savings Analysis offers subscription users (Marketer, Pro and Agency) the ability to access a summary level, or a detailed reporting, of their cost savings from suppressing invalid addresses

How Does the Mail Address Savings Data Work?

Within Postalytics there are three address verification processes that take place: contact import validation, CASS, and NCOA address verification. If an address is found to have an issue during any one of those processes, Postalytics labels it as “invalid" and does not include it in the mailing. 

For each campaign, we calculate the cost per piece of mail and multiply that by the contacts that were “invalid” and not sent. This equals the savings per campaign.

Note 1: Although the summary and detailed reports are only available to subscriber (Marketer, Pro and Agency) accounts, the address validation processes mentioned above takes place for all Postalytics account types.

Note 2: The savings calculation begins with all mail sent through your Postalytics account starting on 8/18/2022. Mail that was sent prior to 8/18/2022 is not used in the calculations due to some database restructuring that went into effect on that date.

Where Can I Find the Mail Address Savings Analysis?

The Mail Address Savings Analysis is located on the right side of your Postalytics home page, just under your username.

Mail Address Savings Analysis Views

All Accounts

For all Postalytics accounts, subscription or free, if no mailings have been sent, you will see the following:

Free Accounts

As mentioned, Free accounts, with mailings, will not have access to the summary or detailed views of this data. A link with the option to upgrade your account is provided both in the collapsed and expanded views of the tool.

To expand the view, use the arrow control to see more.

Subscription Accounts

Postalytics subscription accounts, Marketer, Pro or Agency, with mailings, will see summary totals for the account, in the collapsed view. These include total savings, how many mailers have been run through the address verification tools and how many campaigns there are with savings.

Clicking on the information icon will provide you with an additional explanation of each area.

To expand the view, use the arrow control to see more savings data broken down by address verification type and mailer format.

Downloadable CSV Report

A downloadable .CSV report is also available and easily accessed by clicking the ‘Download more details’ button in the upper right corner. 

The downloaded report shows the exact savings for each campaign we’ve calculated savings for.