Variable Return Address Samples

Use Variable Data For A Personalized Return Address

Marketers know that personalizing a mailpiece can increase response rates, and Postalytics makes it easy to add personalization to your mailers with variable data, variable logic, and even variable images. Along with these powerful personalization tools, you also have the ability to utilize variable return addressing within a Campaign.

How To Set Up Variable Return Addresses In Postalytics

This Variable return address feature is currently available in Smart Send Campaigns only.

There are a few steps to follow in the Template and Campaign setups, along with specific formatting within your data to make this happen.

Step 1: Set Up Your Data Fields

Your data will need to include the return address fields in the following layout:

Return Name

Return Address

Return City

Return State

Return Zip

Currently, address field 2 is not available, so any suite or unit number will need to be included in the Return Address field.

Variable Return Address Data Layout

Step 2: Map Your Fields

Upon uploading the data file, map these fields to the following “VarField” options, under the section “User Defined Personalization Fields”:

VarField 1: Return Name

VarField 2: Return Address

VarField 3: Return City

VarField 4: Return State

VarField 5: Return Zip

Variable Return Addressing Upload Mapping

Step 3: Set Up In The Postalytics Template Proofer & Campaign Wizard

When setting up the return address area both in the Template Proofer and in the Campaign Wizard, enter %VariableSender% in the Company field.

You’ll also need to enter an address. The address you enter will be replaced with your variable data, but those fields must be populated in order to move forward.

It’s important to note that %VariableSender% is case sensitive, and cannot contain any spaces. Please enter it exactly as seen above and in the screenshot below:

Here’s a sample setup of the return address area in the Template Proofer:

Postalytics Proofer Variable Return Address Set Up

In the Template Proofer, you’ll be able to scroll through your records to confirm the variable return addresses in the PDF Viewer, like in the samples below:

Variable Return Address Sample 1
Variable Return Address Sample 2
Variable Return Address Sample 3

Then, in the Smart Send Campaign Wizard, here’s how you’ll set up the return address area:

Variable Return Address Smart Send Campaign Wizard Setup

Once the Campaign Wizard is completed and your Campaign has been sent, you’ll be able to view the individual mailpieces created.

Simply select “Preview Created mail” from the Campaign Dashboard.

Campaign Dashboard Preview Created Mail