Triggering direct mail from your Postal Connector CRM is made to be simple when set up through the Postal Connector Integration. Then, once your Triggered Drip Campaign is set up, we’ll be “listening” and ready to receive your data for print, mail and tracking. 

Let’s get started!

Within your account, navigate to the Connect page, found in the drop down menu under your user name.

Next, click on “Connect App Marketplace” in the upper right corner.

The following screen will list all of the direct integrations available. 

Click on “details >” under Postal Connector.

Next, select “Add integration+”. 

A popup will appear, asking you to log into your CRM.

Once logged in, a second popup will appear, giving you the opportunity to name your integration, as well choose the Postal Connector Status Events that you would like sent back into your CRM. To learn more about using these Status Events, see our help doc, Using Campaign Event Status Codes In Postal Connector.

Click “Next” to continue.

That’s it! The next screen you’ll see is the confirmation that the integration is complete and you’ll be ready to move forward.

To use Postal Connector for a specific campaign, you’ll need to create a new Postal Connector Triggered Drip Campaign.

Alternatively, for a Smart Send Campaign, you can import contacts directly from Postal Connector using the tags associated with them. For more details, see our help article, Importing Contacts from Postal Connector for Smart Send Campaigns.