There are two steps to setting up your pURL or QR Code;

Step 1: You’ll need a redirect domain to host your pURL and/or QR Code.

If you’re planning to print the full pURL on your direct mail campaign, this is the domain your recipients will enter in order to respond online. We recommend a vanity domain, which you can purchase through your Postalytics account.

If you’re planning to only print the QR code on your campaign, you might want to use a free domain offered through Postalytics that anyone can use. Because this is free and used by multiple customers you are required to use a unique URL ending with this domain.

Step 2: You’ll need a landing page that has the Postalytics Tracking Code installed. This can be your main website and page on your website or even a personalized landing page

Once your hosting domain is configured and the Postalytics Tracking Code is installed and confirmed, you’ll be ready to set up your pURL and/or QR Code in the Campaign Wizard. When your recipients respond to your mailpiece, Postalytics will redirect them to your “Starting URL” landing page where the online tracking will begin.