Importing a HubSpot Premium Contact Object List for use in Smart Send Campaigns is an easy process once your Premium Integration for HubSpot Contacts has been completed. This integration also allows the Postalytics tracking and delivery events to be posted back to HubSpot, if you’ve chosen to do that during the integration setup.

Important Notes about HubSpot Lists:

  • While Postalytics supports list import from .CSV and Excel files, campaigns using lists with these import sources, these lists do not connect to HubSpot for delivery and tracking events.

  • HubSpot Version Requirement: In order to import a HubSpot list, your version of HubSpot must support the Lists feature.

  • HubSpot limits the list import to Contact object only. Company, Deals, or any other Custom object is not supported for list import due to limitations in HubSpot’s API’s. 

  • Lists that include Contacts with addresses in the United States and Canada will be split into two separate lists by Country.

Import HubSpot Premium Contact List For Smart Send Campaign

If you will be importing a list immediately after completing the Premium Integration for HubSpot Contacts, select the “Import a List Now” button on the Integration Confirmation page.

If you are not starting from the Integration Confirmation page, but from another page in the app, select “New List” from the Lists drop down menu.

Both of these options will bring you to the Import New Contact List page. Click the box “HubSpot Premium Contacts”

Name the List and select the integration from the dropdown.

Once you’ve selected the HubSpot Integration, a new drop down will appear to choose the HubSpot list you’d like to import. Once selected, click “Next”.

You’ll now see the data for your HubSpot list that is available for importing. Review and if all looks good, click “Looks Good! Start Mapping”.

Map each of the HubSpot data fields to the corresponding Postalytics fields in each of the sections. If you’ll be using variable data for personalization within your template, be sure to map those fields in the User Defined Personalization Fields. Click “Confirm Field Mappings”.

On the next page you’ll see the data fields that you selected to map in the previous step. Review and if it looks good, click “Import Now”. Your list will be imported and ready to use in a Smart Send Campaign.

Navigate to the Contacts List page, by clicking “View Lists” in the Lists dropdown menu.

Here, you’ll see the status of your list, the list name, list country (how you’ll know which is which when a list is split between US and Canadian addresses), list source, number of contacts and the date your list was created.  

To manage a list, click the edit button. From here, you’ll be able to:

  •   Edit the Contact List

  •   Download the Contact List

  •   Append records with the same layout to the list

  •   Edit Field mappings

  •   Delete the list

The process to add a new HubSpot Premium Contact Object List in Postalytics enables you to take full advantage of the Premium Integration for HubSpot Contact Object.