One of the biggest time saving features of Postalytics is the ability to copy a direct mail template.

Why Copy A Direct Mail Template?

There are many reasons why you’d want to make a copy of a direct mail template. Here’s the most common scenario:

  • You’ve spent a lot of time & energy building your first template
  • You have a new campaign that can use most of your previous work
  • You’d like to make some modifications to the template, but not start from scratch

The other common scenario involves setting up an A/B split test with variants in the creative. You can focus your efforts on a building a “base” template, then quickly make copies & modifications for the variants you’d like to test.

How To Make A Copy Of A Direct Mail Template

Postalytics makes this super easy. Because each template is actually built and stored in HTML, rather than in image files, you can copy and edit in a snap.

Navigate To Your Template Library

Click “View Templates” in the top menu:

Copy a Template - View Templates

Click The 3 Dot “Action” Button, Then “Copy”

Once you find the direct mail template you’d like to copy, click the Action button and then choose the Copy feature.

Copy a direct mail template - copy feature

Save Your New Template Under New Name

You’ll be launched into the Template Editor, where you can make any/all modifications to your new template and save it under a new name. IMPORTANT – the copy function will not complete until you save the new template at least once.

save new template - copy a direct mail template

Copy A Direct Mail Template – Important Notes

  • You can copy any saved template, whether it is in Draft or Proofed mode
  • The feature works exactly the same for postcard and letter templates
  • You can copy a template as many times as you like, there are no limits
  • You must SAVE in order to complete the copy function