The Agency Payouts section is where you'll set up a Payout Method for the markup amount collected from the purchases made through your client accounts. There are four links in the Payouts section. Only you can see your payout and invoice settings.

The Account link is where the basic account information is entered and managed. Clicking 'Setup Payout Account' will open a new window where you can enter a debit card or bank account information, an email address, and a margin percentage. Postalytics uses Stripe, one of the largest credit card processing operators in the world to manage your account and payouts.

Agency Edition Getting Started - Setup Payout

Postalytics will automatically calculate the “commissions” on each client account purchase of direct mail by using the margin percentage. You can now set a default margin percentage for all client accounts or set unique margins for each of your client sub-accounts. 

Your bank account or debit card will receive deposits within 2 business days of the Postalytics payment being received. Your payout information can be modified at any time after your account has been established.

Agency Edition Getting Started - Modify Payout Info

The Transactions link has a register of each campaign for each client account, along with the date, format, quantity, margin, commission, and the client cost information, for each campaign. Here you can access a history of this information in a .CSV file or download a .PDF file of the invoice that the client sees for each campaign.

Agency Edition Getting Started - Transaction Tab

The Payments link has a register of the date and amount of each payout of commission that you receive. Postalytics will group campaigns together that were purchased on the same day into single payouts.

Agency Edition Getting Started - Payouts