Postalytics 6x11 Postcard - direct mail creative templates

Postalytics has a one of a kind editor that enables marketers to build postcard, letter, custom envelope, or self mailer direct mail creative templates that can be saved and used across an unlimited number of campaigns. These templates are saved in a library where they can be edited, copied and managed on an ongoing basis. The idea is to empower anyone that can put together a good looking email to be able to create a good looking, effective direct mail piece.

There are several key components to learn about the Postalytics direct mail creative template software. 

  • Upload images that you’ve built in offline tools such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. See our offline media Style Guides for Adobe Design Tools and/or Canva.
  • Use the Postalytics Editor to add “layers” of personalization, tracking and creative elements
  • Proof your work in just a few simple steps
  • Use the Postalytics library of pre-built templates as a starting point for your work
  • Copy and manage templates on an ongoing basis in the Template Library

Usually within the first few campaigns, marketers are able to breeze through the process of building, proofing and managing their templates.

What makes the Postalytics Direct Mail Creative Template Editor Unique? 

For starters, how many purely online direct mail template editors are you aware of? That’s right, not many. Traditionally, direct mail has been built using offline tools, like with the Adobe Creative Suite. (You can still do this with Postalytics BTW). These tools enable designers to build PDF’s that get passed around via email, FTP, and other non automated means.

With Postalytics, you build postcard, letter, AND self mailer templates in HTML. Why is this important? Because by generating and storing templates as HTML, they can be built, copied and modified by marketers! Our direct mail creative template tools work just like email marketing editors that marketers use all day.

What about personalization? With Postalytics, you can embed Variable Data and Variable Logic (merge tags and dynamic content) directly into your template (excluding custom envelopes). You don’t have to replicate the personalization each time you want to generate a proof, with a manual printing pre-press operator setting up a “job” in order to get a proof.

Speaking of proofs – how about replacing the old-fashioned direct mail proofing process with a waaaaay better system. In our editor, you can instantly merge your template with data from either a list or with sample data and generate a high resolution PDF. This PDF is the exact mailpiece that gets generated by Postalytics. You can download it, email it around for approval and accept the proof in a matter of minutes, saving you days of back & forth with the traditional direct mail print team.