Each client account operates like its own Postalytics Pro account. That means that the you and the client can create an unlimited number of users who can access the client account with unique username/password combinations. To manage users, click on the user page in the client account tab on the top right corner of the screen.

agency edition setup client users

Adding New Users

First, click the ‘Users’ link under the account menu in the upper right of your screen
Next click ‘Add New User’

You will now be presented with the new user screen. Add in the user and role info here. The guide below the role dropdown will assist in choosing the right role for this user. The system will ensure the email is not already in use. Once all is set, click ‘Save User’.

The user types are:

Primary User – full client privileges including the ability to add/delete users, manage billing information & more. When you create a client account, the username that the account was created under is considered the primary user. There can only be 1 primary user.

Administrator – Can do everything the primary user can do with the exception of:

No user management
No changing plans
No drip credit management
No viewing/downloading of monthly invoices or PAYG orders
No payment method management

Designer – Can do everything an administration can do with the exception of:

No list creation, appending or deleting
No field mapping management
No campaign creation, editing, or deleting
No goal management
No campaign settings changing
No toggling of mail status or online tracking status

Read Only – Can do everything a designer can do with the exception of:

No template creation, editing or deleting.

Client User Login

Your clients can use these User Names and Passwords that you establish by logging in at the branded “Client Login” URL that comes with your Agency Edition account. You can send your clients the login by copying it from the top of the “Agency Home” page.