Postalytics Agency Edition Overview - Header

Help Clients And Increase Revenue With The Postalytics Agency Edition

The Postalytics Agency Edition is a special account that enables marketing service providers to create and manage Postalytics accounts for clients. The Agency Edition was built for marketers to leverage the speed, tracking and integration of our direct mail automation under their own brand. With the Agency Edition, you get:

  • An unlimited number of client accounts
  • Full access to all Postalytics features
  • Branding and white label capabilities
  • Postalytics’ lowest per piece costs
  • Margin and payouts on per piece fees

Not everyone is eligible to become a Postalytics Agency Edition partner. In order to obtain a Postalytics Agency Edition account, you must sign up for a Postalytics Pro account and contact Postalytics. We’ll then switch the account to the Agency Edition after speaking with you.

What’s Next?

After you’ve completed the setup of your profile, branding, payouts and payment method, you can move on to setup your first Agency Edition Client Account. Please see the next article in our Agency Edition Help Docs