As a Posatlytics Agency account user, you may be seeking detailed reports for your client reconciliations, or maybe you simply want to monitor credit and debit transactions. With our user-friendly Transaction Analysis tool, designed to give you the ability to view campaign send transactions, commonly referred to as credits, you can do it all. 

The convenient date range option allows you to easily select your preferred time frame and dive into your campaign transactions within that period. Plus, you can tailor your viewing experience by choosing specific subaccounts, formats, or campaigns, and drill down further using several other filtering options. Let’s dive in.

Navigating the Transaction Analysis Reporting Feature

To access the Transaction Analysis reporting feature, click “Billing & Transactions”, in the drop down menu on the agency account main menu, and then “Transaction Analysis”, on the left hand side.


Once on the Transaction Analysis page, you can select the date range, as well as a specific subaccount, or all subaccounts, then click “Search”. The transactions for all Product Formats during that time frame, and subaccount, if specified, will populate with data counts by product type for:

  • Starting Balance

  • Credits Added

  • Credits Used/Transferred

  • Ending Balance

Clicking on “View All” will provide an aggregate for all formats.

If a Product Format has activity within the selected time frame it will be blue. When clicked on, you will see additional activity data.

In this example, we’ll select “All’ for sub accounts and “Letter” to view the additional activity data available for that format.

All of the transaction entries that took place in the letter format, within the date range, for all subaccounts will be listed. Depending on the usage, there could be multiple pages. To download the report in .CSV format, click on the download icon, in the top left, under “Back to Summary”.

Within this view, you can filter the data further by selecting any of the options from the four drop down menus in the blue header area at the top. 

The first is Subaccounts. If you decide you’d like to view a specific subaccount after all, you can do that here as well. The dropdown menu will show you all of the subaccounts with transactions for this format during the time frame specified in the Date Range fields.

Next is Operations. Use this filter to view Credit transactions and Debit transactions.

Third is Type. Here you’re able to select between Campaign Drop, Refund or Transfer.

Last is Source, where you’ll select either Postalytics (for credit transfers) or one of the campaigns listed in the drop down menu.

Each reporting view can be downloaded, or the entire report can be downloaded and then filtered within your CSV or Excel program, and/or shared with colleagues.