Once you’ve completed your profile, it’s time to Brand your clients user experience. The updates that you specify here are what your clients will see when they log in and use the site, so that the experience is consistent with your brand from start to finish.

You can find the Branding options by clicking Settings under your Agency account user name.

To add your Agency Logo, select the Logo link and follow the directions exactly. Start by uploading a logo, which will appear wherever you see a Postalytics logo in your version of the screen. The Logo should be a .png file and approximately 480×80 pixels to prevent any distortion.

Agency Edition Getting Started - Setup Branding

Next adjust the colors of the application to match your agency’s brand and personality. Then save your changes or reset to the default color scheme.

Agency Edition Getting Started - Color Scheme

You can add your own custom CSS Styles to match your branding. Just copy and paste the CSS (unlimited size) into the dialog screen. Then save or reset to the default CSS.

Client Account Feature Exposure

You can Choose which features to hide or show your clients. Choose Feature Exposure under the Branding drop down of the the Settings. Note, the default is to show these features. After making selections Save or Rest to Defaults.

Hide Client Credit Card Payment Option: choose Hide if you want to remove the option for your client accounts to pay for campaigns, Direct Mail Credits or other items via their own credit card. 

Hide Payment Method Link: choose Hide if you want to remove the link that enables the client to add or modify the credit card stored in the Client Account. The link is accessible under the username drop down menu. 

Hide Notification Sidebar - Credit Balance: choose Hide if you want to remove from the client account Home Dashboard the Credit Balance option from the left side notification sidebar.

Hide Prebuilt Template Option: choose Hide if you want to remove the option for clients to access Prebuilt Templates from the New Template page.  

Credit Card Statement Descriptor

Update to display your company's statement descriptor on all credit card changes and remove any mention of Postalytics. Follow directions and save your update or reset to default.

Once your Agency Edition branding is set up, your client login, emails and invoices will come from your agency. All references to Postalytics are removed.

Agency Edition Sample Invoice with Branding from Agency