Direct Mail Credits can easily be purchased in one of two ways from your Postalytics Home Page:

  1. Click on the stack of coins icon on the left hand side of the home page, and then ‘Purchase Credits’
  2. Select ‘Direct Mail Credits’ from the drop down menu under your username in the upper right hand corner.

In both instances you’ll select the mailing format (including postage type) and continue through the steps to complete your purchase.

You can also purchase Direct Mail Credits through the Campaign Dashboard of your Triggered Drip Campaign. Upon completion of the Triggered Drip Campaign Wizard your Campaign will automatically be in Test Mode. In order to toggle the Campaign to ‘Live Mode’ to start sending mail, you need to have Direct Mail Credits in the queue for that format. Simply select the red box indicating Credits are needed and follow the steps above to purchase. A minimum of 100 credits is required to run a Triggered Drip Campaign.