Online Response Tracking: pURLs, QR’s & Domains

Sample pURL and QR

One of the game-changing features of Postalytics is free online tracking tools that are available for all direct mail campaigns. Before Postalytics, the process of adding pURLs to direct mail campaigns could cost thousands of $$ extra!

pURLs (Personalized URLs) and personalized QR Codes give your direct mail recipients a quick and easy way to respond to your mailer online, while tracking their individual responses in your Campaign Dashboards.

After a little bit of setup (with a domain and our tracking code), you can simply drag & drop the pURL and/or QR code variables in the Postalytics editor onto your creative, proof your template and setup your campaign.

Watch This Quick pURL Overview Video 

Here’s a quick (2:30) video that shows how Postalytics pURLs work, with a live test account.