Pre-built templates in Postalytics

What are pre-built direct mail templates?

Pre-built direct mail templates are professionally designed, easily modified starting points for anyone that wants to create a great looking, high converting direct mail letter, custom envelope, postcard, or bi-fold self mailer. What’s amazing about Postalytics pre-built templates – you can drag, drop, modify and replace any of the design elements, without needing to use high end design tools!

Why would you want to use a pre-built template?

Many clients are either new to direct mail or would like to get design inspiration from direct mail design professionals. pre-built templates simplify the process of getting high quality creative started. Here’s a few reasons why clients love them:

  • They’re designed by professional direct mail designers, with layouts that are appropriate for the formats chosen
  • Calls To Action (CTA’s) are all featured as design elements in pre-built templates. We see so many mailers with CTA’s that are either non-existent or buried!
  • pURLs are properly highlighted. Many customers want to use our pURL tools, but have never used anything like them before. These templates show how they are best designed for success!

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Follow the steps below to get started with a professionally designed pre-built template:

Step 1: Select pre-built Direct Mail Templates

From the main navigation bar select 'Creative', and then 'New Template'.

From the Create Template panel select 'Choose Pre-Built' to see the library of pre-built direct mail templates to choose from. 

pre-built direct mail templates - create template

Use the left side filtering to refine the choices between format, size, color and category. You can preview or select any of the templates that match the filters you’ve defined.

Step 2: Naming Your Pre-built Template

Your pre-built Direct Mail Template selection will load into the Direct Mail Editor. 

Rename your new template in the text field in the top left corner of the editor.

If there aren’t any modifications, you’ll just need to go through the Template Proofing process and then you’ll be ready to start your Campaign build.

You can modify any aspects of the template that you’d like. Just be sure to save your work, using Save or Save & Close. If you select Close, it will close the template without saving any of the adjustments made.

Be sure to check out our help article Understanding the Postalytics Direct Mail Editor to learn about all of the features you’ll have at your fingertips while you make any modifications.