Business lists can be built to your specifications using industry, geography, size, and many more criteria options.

In this article we’ll walk through the steps of building and purchasing a Business List.

From the Lists drop down menu, select ‘Buy List’

The list purchase home screen is where you’ll select the list type that you want to customize and purchase. For this article, we’ll select ‘Get Business List’.

The system will ask for a log in. Select ‘Guest’ as you're already in your account so the login credentials are not needed.

Once logged in you’ll arrive at the Business Geography screen. Here is where you’ll select the geographic criteria for your list, such as Radius, Zip Code, City, State, etc. Click on the plus sign next to the criteria of choice and enter the required information for that criteria. The system will process and the Total Leads on the right hand side will populate with the number of records found.

For this example, we’ve selected the Metro Area of Spokane, Washington. Click ‘Next’ or ‘Continue’.

The next screen is where you’ll set the parameters for your list criteria. Here you can choose between Industry Type using SICs, Industry Category, and SIC Codes or Ranges. Click the plus sign next to your choice and enter the required information.

For this example we will select Industry Category and then Automotive Repair Services. Clicking ‘Update’ to the right of the Total Leads will update the total based on the Industries chosen.

Additional Criteria is also selected on this screen. Click the plus sign for Additional Criteria and select from the options available.

We’ll select the option to only include records with Zip + 4.

Click ‘Next’ to move to the Check Out page.

On the right hand side of the Check Out page, you’ll first want to review the Total Leads count and criteria you selected.

Over on the left hand side, you’ll have some options:

  • List Quantity - where you’ll be able to select the entire list, or just a certain number of records.

  • Basic Mailing - provides the basic mailing information, along with business code, and is a single use option.

  • Full Prospect - provides the basic mailing information, along with many additional pieces of data such as Sales, Employee Total, Franchise Code indicator, etc.

The pricing based on quantity and Basic vs. Full Prospect is listed below and will update as you make changes to the quantity section.

This is where you’ll be able to manipulate the counts within the list to stay on budget with your list purchase.


For this article, we’ll use a quantity of 100,000 records at the Basic Mailing rate. Click ‘Update’ next to the number of records entered so that the pricing will update below.

Be sure to name your list, then click ‘List Selection Complete’.

On the checkout page, review and update (if needed) the Order Summary along with the Profile and Billing information. This information is pulled from the Profile information in your account. 

Click ‘Continue’.

The credit card on file is the default payment method. There is an option to use a different card on this page as well.

Review the Order Summary once more and then click ‘Submit Order’.

Once the payment is processed, it may take several hours for the business list to be uploaded to your account. You’ll receive an email when the file has been imported and is ready to use in your next campaign.