Use a highly targeted Consumer List to get your message into the hands of your ideal customer.

In this article, we’ll walk through the steps to build and buy a Consumer Mailing List.

From the Lists drop down menu, select ‘Buy List’

The following screen is where you’ll select the list type that you want to purchase. For this article, we’ll select ‘Get Consumer List’.

The system will ask for a log in. Select ‘Guest’ as you're already in your account so the login credentials are not needed.

Once logged in you’ll notice that the tab at the top is highlighted on the Consumer List option. We’ll start on the Geography option. Here you can select consumers from the options listed. Although there are a few, the most commonly selected options are by Radius, Zip Code, or a combination of those two.

By selecting Radius, and then entering a City, State and Zip Code, we can then select the Radius distance in miles. 

As criteria is added, you’ll see your selections on the right hand side of the screen, along with a map of the area selected. When you are finished, click ‘Add Radius’. The system will process and show the result total above the Selected Criteria section.

Using Radius as the Geography criteria resulted in a very large number of records. Let’s retry using Zip Code as the criteria to reduce the number of records. Click the red ’X’ to the right of the Selected Criteria “Radius” and it will be deleted.

Now, select the plus sign next to Zip Code, then enter the State, and select one or more zip codes. You’ll see the map again on the right, as well as the new criteria selected. The count will update automatically.

Once the count looks good, select the blue ‘Next’ arrow to move to the Demographics options. The criteria options in this section gives you the ability to target the list and only receive names and addresses of those who fit your ideal mailpiece recipient.

For this article, we’ll be selecting the age range of 50 to 70.

By selecting ‘Update’ next to the count, you’ll see the updated number as the criteria is added.

Narrowing down further, we’ll select ‘Homeowners’ from the “Homeowner/Renter” section.

And finally, we’ll only be sending to owners of “Homes'” so that criteria will be selected under the “Dwelling Type” section.

As you can see, with each criteria selected, we’ve narrowed down our ideal list and the total number of leads has decreased.

Click the blue ‘Next’ arrow.

The last page before finalizing and payment is the Check Out page. Here you will want to review the count and the criteria on the right hand side.

There are also options to order the full count list, or select the number of records you’d like to purchase. Each option will show you a single use cost, as well as a 12 month cost. If you plan to mail to this list more than one time, you’ll want to select the 12 month option.

Be sure to name your list here too.

We’ve gone ahead and selected to only mail to 3,000 of the 3,806 records available. The system will randomly select the records.

Click ‘List Selection Complete’

On the checkout page, review and update (if needed) the Order Summary and the Profile and Billing information. The Profile and Billing information is pulled from the Profile information in your account. Click ’Continue’.

The credit card on file will be the default payment method. Review the order summary and click ‘Submit Order’.

Once the payment is processed, it only takes a few minutes for the list to be generated and uploaded into your account, ready to use in your next Smart Send Campaign.